Dried Fruits

For the sweetest moment of your life

Dried fruits are made of best selected Iranian fruit and in the most modern way without hand contact. Moreover, The fruit vitamins are preserved as well as keeping its natural taste and color. They are also durable and easy to use. According to having plenty of nutrients, they are considered to be an alternative for children's junk food and adult's meal.

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SomeThing more than a breakfast

Our company is proud of introducing a new product named "Nuts Butter"(which is made of oil and nuts seeds)to the world. Nuts butter is an extremely nutritious source of protein, vitamins, calcium, and also magnesium. In addition, it can be a perfect alternative for harmful food supplements. Due to having fabulously rich nutrients and high level of energy, it could be the best snack for children and pregnant women. Because of its delicious and sweet taste, it can be useful in cake bakery and confectionary.

Dried Vegetables

Green and healthy

One of the most important part of food chain is vegetables and seasoning. A fragrant and pretty colored flavor can contribute to the best taste of your food. By process of drying vegetables, The vegetables become more durable and easier to use as well as being lighter and compact. Owning medicinal properties, the natural dried vegetables help you provide tonic and scrumptious food. Referring to variety of seasons and weather throughout Iran, the opportunity to have quality fruits and vegetables is provided here.